“Access to complete, up-to-date patient information is a critical first step for any health system starting the journey to value-based care. Structuring effective Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) for Conifer Health clients is dependent on our ability to manipulate big data. NextGate’s EMPI simplifies the entire process of patient indexing and enhances our ability to provide a comprehensive view of all patient information to support clinical integration, financial risk management and population health management.”

Chris Tyler, CIO
Conifer Health Solutions

About NextGate

NextGate uses Master Data Management (MDM) technology and best practices to identify, integrate, and link enterprise data into authoritative registries, supplying accurate reference information for optimized efficiency across lines of business. For over 2 decades, NextGate has helped hundreds of organizations synthesize disparate data into consistent, trusted, and encyclopedic content. NextGate’s domain specific MDM solutions diminish duplicate and conflicting data, reveal new opportunities, and empower businesses to operate at peak awareness.

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